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Coming Summer 2020:
NOW AND WHEN – Delacorte Press

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Bloomsbury Spark

The week before college is a fresh start — the chance to be your true self and find sisters for life. But sorority rush means making tough choices and facing rejection along the way. Maddie, Imogen and Cass have until Bid Day to decide whether they’re really meant to "go Greek." The key, each girl will find, is figuring out who her real friends are.

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"Glee" goes to the opera in this story of best friends, bitter enemies and one competition that will change everything. Brooke and Kathryn were best friends until the night Brooke turned on Kathryn. Now, they're locked in a rivalry made even tougher by the fact that both are after the same prize.

As Brooke and Kathryn prepare for the prestigious Blackmore competition, each girl will find that the person she thought was her worst enemy might just be the best friend she ever had. 

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I write stories about the hilarious, heartbreaking now and the hopeful yet-to-come. Friendships, first love, “finding yourself”… I’m still figuring it all out. If my words help you figure out a bit more, then I hope you’ll write some stories of your own.

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